What do you get?

  • Optimal Health portal 

  • Health and Wellness Information

  • 16 reports with risk scores and explanation 

  • Wellness guides and tips 

  • Ways for you to increase your nutritional intake dependant on your genetic and consultation results 

  • Lifestyle plan to improve wellness and performance 

  • Nutrition and diet plan 

  • Exercise type

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A unique 360° approach is combining DNA results with detailed lifestyle analysis. Get easy-to-read reports that analyse and interpret lifestyle and genetic variants and display risk scores in over 25 health and wellness areas. Discover where your lifestyle may be impacting your genes and potential health.


Analyses over 1500 genetic and lifestyle markers to provide insight into 16 health areas



Provides truly personalised eating and lifestyle plans for your optimal health



Helps you understand how your genetic profile influences your response to the nutrients found in the food you eat and drink



"The DNA report highlighted health risk issues and has inspired me to make long term dietary and lifestyle changes such as reducing sugars and alcohol due to my genetic risks, instead of short-term solutions." 

Who is Optimal Health


The Optimal Health report is for anybody who cares about their future health and is ready to make positive changes.  

Optimal Health is recommended if you are looking for small habits to change, want to know how your body responds to your diet or to reduce your risk for some life-changing health problems. Optimal Health can unlock the knowledge that will guide you along your journey to reaching your optimal health. If you are interested in improving your overall health and wellness, you will benefit from these reports. 

What do you get?


Optimal Health portal

  • 16 reports with risk scores and explanations

  • Wellness guides and tips

  • Ways for you to increase your nutritional intake dependant on your genetic and consultation results

  • Lifestyle plan to improve wellness and performance

  • Exercise type


The Science



For optimal health, your body needs the right balance of nutrients, environment and lifestyle to function correctly. Think of your genes as nature - your inherited ability - and your environment and lifestyle as nurture. This means that the bad habits and food choices can contribute to symptoms which are often the early warning signs of health problems developing. 


Nutrigenomics is the study of how your genetic variants influence your ability to metabolise nutrients found in the foods and drinks you consume. This information provides an overview of the metabolic efficiency of critical nutrients that protect from developing health problems. 


Epigenetics is what happens when genes are in action and responding to environmental and lifestyle triggers, including sleep, stress, diet and toxins. In these processes, genes are modified slightly and act differently. In short, epigenetics is where nature meets nurture. Your genes are controlled by and respond to the daily choices you make.

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