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Lab Guide: ZRT Labs

As advanced health testing is a fast-moving, global industry, it can difficult for practitioners, particularly graduates, to know and remember its key providers, products and people.

In light of this, we've written a series of articles to provide quick overviews of our lab partners - who are widely recognised as the world's leading advanced functional testing laboratories.

In this article, we provide an overview of ZRT Laboratory, summarising who they are, what they specialise in, what their key lab processes are, and most popular advanced tests.

Regenerus Labs is an official distributer of ZRT Laboratory’s advanced health tests for UK, EU and UAE healthcare practitioners.

Who are ZRT laboratory?

ZRT Laboratory is an advanced functional testing laboratory that specialises in hormone and wellness testing.

Specifically, their testing range covers:

ZRT has provided advanced functional tests results over 10 million tests healthcare providers across 96 countries and also supplies many significant worldwide organisations including the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health.

Where is ZRT based, and when was it established?

ZRT Laboratory was established in 1998 and is based in Portland, Oregon.

What licenses and accreditations do ZRT have?

ZRT is CLIA-certified.

Who founded ZRT Laboratory?

ZRT was founded by Dr David Zava, an international leader in hormone and cancer research.

After finishing his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Tennesee, Zava spent decades researching hormone and breast cancer in Texas, Switzerland, California and Oregon.

In 1998, Dr Zava established ZRT, with the central aim to develop to advanced health tests to identify hormonal imbalances that can lead to debilitating symptoms, diminished quality of life, and increased risk for cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and dementia.

In addition to growing ZRT Laboratory, in 2002, Dr Zava coauthored a landmark book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer: How Hormone Balance Can Help Save Your Life.

In the book,  Dr. Zava describes how breast cancer can be caused by hormonal imbalances that occur naturally as we age, but can be prevented if identified and restored to optimal levels with hormone replacement therapy and lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, stress reduction.

How does ZRT ensure that their advanced health tests are accurate?

ZRT maintain precision and accuracy with rigorous proficiency testing both internally and externally.

  • To help establish industry-wide standards, ZRT initiated the Salivary Proficiency Inter-laboratory Testing program. In this program, results from carefully selected pooled samples are compared to results for the same samples from other laboratories two times per year. This effort allows ZRT to regularly evaluate their saliva testing accuracy.

What clinical research has ZRT conducted or been involved with?

Since its inception in 1998, ZRT has been researched by hundreds of clinical professionals and organisations (including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) National Institutes of Health) and the subject or cited in hundreds of journals.

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See all of ZRT's advanced functional tests (as a practitioner)



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