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Join our webinar on treating the mucosal immune system, presented by leading physician, Dr Chad Larson

Regenerus co-hosts this webinar in conjunction with our partner, Cyrex, a clinical immunology laboratory specialising in functional immunology and autoimmunity.

Join our guest speaker, Dr Chad Larson, a leading American physician, in conversation with Robyn Puglia, for an educational webinar on the mucosal immune system.

Webinar agenda:

The webinar is entitled: The Mucosal Immune System: Your immune system’s first responder and early warning system 

It covers:

  • why the mucosal immune system so important to be aware of and consider
  • how practitioners can objectively measure and evaluate the mucosal immune system using Cyrex’s Array 14: Mucosal Immune Reactivity Screen
  • how practitioners can use the Array 14’s findings to inform the diagnosis of autoimmune health conditions?

How will this talk benefit me?

Home to a whopping 70% of the immune system, the mucosal system is the body's first line of immune defence, which protects the body against a host of antigens that live in the mouth, skin, lungs, and gut. Our mucosal immune system sees more activity in a single day than the systemic immune system sees in an entire lifetime.

It is therefore a very big, primary and influential part of the immune system that demands enquiry in order to treat any chronic or immune-mediated condition including autoimmunity and viral infection.

This webinar is an opportunity for clinicians to improve their practice by becoming more equipped to understand, analyse and evaluate their patients’ mucosal immune system, and therefore internal health.

More about the mucosal immune system: The mucosal immune system is the urinary, respiratory, and gut tract’s main defence mechanism.

When the mucosal immune system is healthy, containing adequate levels of mucus and of IgA, it is able to stop any antigens entering the body.

However, when inflamed (caused by a range of environmental factors such as stress, gut dysfunction, dietary proteins and chemical toxicity) the mucosal immune system becomes less effective and starts to produce damaging immune reactions such as intestinal dysfunction and gut dysbiosis.

If unaddressed, continued inflammation of the mucosal immune system is likely to result in a wide range of chronic immune illnesses and conditions.

More about Cyrex’s Array 14:

Cyrex’s Array 14 helps you to thoroughly assess the mucosal immune system’s behaviour - including those negative immune reactions. Understanding how to apply and interpret Array 14 will allow you to create precise and personalised treatment plans for your patients instead of just cookie cutter gut health  protocols.

More about webinar speaker, Dr Chad Larson, NMD, DC, CCN, CSCS:

Dr. Larson is a double board certified physician with a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Southern California University of Health Sciences, graduating with honors. He is also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

His practice integrates naturopathic medicine with cutting-edge laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging. He particularly pursues advanced developments in the fields of endocrinology, orthopaedics, sports medicine, and environmentally-induced chronic disease.

Popularly featured on a variety of local and national radio and television programs discussing a broad range of health issues. Dr. Larson has been invited to lecture to a variety of groups from the U.S. Army Special Forces to executive leadership groups to universities and healthcare practitioners.

Dr. Larson has published articles in various consumer and professional periodicals and has worked with the Research & Development departments of nutritional supplement companies. Dr. Larson also stays on the cutting edge of laboratory science as an advisor and consultant to Cyrex Laboratories.

Register to attend

The Mucosal Immune System: Your immune system’s first responder and early warning system takes place at 5pm (GMT), 26th January 2022.

To register to attend, click here.