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Advanced GI Strategies with Datis Kharrazian & Robyn Puglia

Advanced GI Strategies with Datis Kharrazian & Robyn Puglia

In this recording, we welcome leading GI expert and Educator, Datis Kharrazian in discussion with Robyn Puglia to discuss Advanced GI strategies.

In this important discussion, you will explore:


  • Why the standard therapeutic protocols fail to properly address GI complaints in a large number of our clients and patients.
  • Why MOST patients with leaky gut do NOT respond to leaky-gut supplements.
  • Why you need to think differently about the gut in order to appropriately help the gut.
  • What to do when everything you have tried, has failed.

    Datis Kharrazian and Robyn Puglia dive deep

    The rates of autoimmune disease are rising at an alarming rate, and if you’re in clinical practise it’s likely you’re seeing not just more cases each year, but also more complicated cases also.

    There are more than 80 distinct autoimmune diseases, with the number of illnesses that includes autoimmunity as part of the pathophysiology is considered to be at or above 150.

    25 per cent of those with a single diagnosed autoimmune disease go on to develop a secondary or tertiary autoimmune disease also, while those suffering from poly-autoimmunity is also rising