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Part of the PCOS Picture

In this audio conversation Dr Felice Gersh speaks with Laura Stirling on the topic of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

In this incredible conversation you will learn...
  • How and why Dr Gersh came to be involved with PCOS, and her own personal journey with it.
  • The current treatments and why Dr Gersh believes they need to change, beginning with looking at the underlying issues instead of treatments.
  • Why this condition is manifesting much more nowadays, and how in ancient times women with PCOS would have been considered the 'superwomen' of a community.
  • The huge impact that circadian rhythm has on PCOS.
  • How to support women with PCOS using lifestyle and natural solutions.
  • Why Dr Gersh believes that we need to focus on menstrual and metabolic health before women even think about getting pregnant.

And so much more!

We highly recommend Dr. Gersh's book, PCOS SOS, as both a guide for practitioners and for their patients. You can find out more here.