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Partnership Spotlight: Great Plains Lab

Partnership Spotlight: Great Plains Lab

In this blog series, we spotlight our lab partners to showcase their world-leading expertise - and clarify how our partnership works to give you reliable access to their functional tests.

Great Plains Laboratory: a world leading diagnostics lab for chronic illnesses

Based in Kansas City, USA, Great Plains Laboratory is a world leading research-based clinical laboratory offering functional testing for metabolic, nutritional, and toxic factors in chronic illnesses.

Great Plains Laboratory has gained an international reputation as a chronic illness functional testing lab through its continual innovation to enable it to provide the most accurate, reliable, and comprehensive biomedical analyses available.

For example:

  • The GPL-TOX is one of the most accurate non-metal toxic chemicals tests available, as it uses advanced mass spectrometry to detect lower levels of genetic, mitochondrial, and toxic chemical markers than conventional mass spectrometry.
  • The IgG Food Map is more precise and reliable than standard ELISA tests due to its immunofluorescent bead technology enables it to identify IgG food antibodies with much more specificity.
  • Its Organic Acids Test (OAT) is the only one on the market that evaluates levels of oxalates in urine, which are highly correlated with many chronic illnesses.
  • Great Plains’ quality assurance standards is confirmed being Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified.

Beyond this, just some features of Great Plains’ clinical governance excellence include:

  • its team of qualified professionals who monitor its tests’ effectiveness, quality, and integrity
  • every test batch is reviewed to ensure laboratory quality
  • patient samples are frequently split to make sure that different technologists perform similar work

Proud to provide for a world leading chronic condition diagnostics labs

As Regenerus Labs was founded on the premise of giving international practitioners access to world-class diagnostics, we’re incredibly proud to be a Great Plains Laboratory partner.

Being a certified Great Plains partner, we:

  • are a major official distributor of Great Plains diagnostic tests
  • provide clinical support for Great Plains diagnostic tests
  • provide clinical training for Great Plains diagnostic tests
  • put patients first with care and kindness

This partnership is maintained via:

  • Management reviews: we have regular meetings with the Great Plains management team to update on and improve business and operations processes
  • Clinical sessions: our Clinical Support Team regularly touch base with the Great Plains’ lab team for in-depth test training and test updates.

Undergoing a rigorous review process to ensure quality standards

Having a fantastic clinical reputation, it is understandable that Great Plains’ Laboratory select their partners carefully.

This is especially the case when choosing distribution partners - as ultimately, if their supplier fails, so do the tests, regardless of their excellence (for example, the samples are invalid if they don’t arrive to the lab prepped correctly on time).

In light of this, to be a certified Great Plains supplier, we underwent a thorough business review. Specifically, this included:

  • our patient and practitioner data management (e.g. our security of patient test reports)
  • our clinical governance processes (e.g. our practitioner validation process)
  • our operations management processes (.e.g. our internal test handling and preparation processes)
  • our shipping processes (e.g. test tracking tools)
  • our clinical knowledge (e.g. our Clinical Support Specialists qualifications)

The benefit this partnership brings to Regenerus practitioners and patients

In light of the above, ultimately our partnership with The Great Plains Laboratory means that patients and practitioners can receive reliable and well-supported access to many of The Great Plains Laboratory’s world-class functional tests.

Specifically, we do this via:

  • reliable shipping
  • robust logistics
  • thorough clinical support (via support calls and training videos)
  • responsive customer support
  • secure patient and practitioner data management

Our current selection of Great Plains tests, what they measure and how they can inform you or your clients health

The Organic Acids Test (OAT):
This test offers a comprehensive metabolic snapshot of a patient’s overall health via 76 markers (including measurement of intestinal yeast and bacteria, vitamins and minerals, oxidative stress, neurotransmitters and oxalates).

Mold IgE Allergy Test & MycoTOX Profile:
Together these tests provide a comprehensive analysis of a patient’s exposure to mold (IgE looks at immune response to mold exposure and MycoTOX Profile looks at mycotoxin levels excreted from the body)

This test screens a patient’s exposure to 173 different environmental pollutants from a single urine sample.


This test measures a patients’ exposure to Glyphosate, the world’s most widely produced herbicide.

IgG Food Map with Candida and Yeast

This test measures the body’s IgG response to 190 foods Candida albicans and yeast.


This combination test includes the Mycotix Profile, GPL Tox, the Organic Acid Test and Glyphosate.