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The what, how and why of meditation with Lauren Barber

The what, how and why of meditation with Lauren Barber
In this audio Laura Stirling and Lauren Barber have a conversation about how meditation could help both practitioners and their patients.
  • Discover how Lauren came to meditation after being a self diagnosed 'stress head'.
  • Learn some accessible routes in to meditation for highly stressed people and those skeptical about meditation.
  • Understand about how the brain waves are changed during meditation and why this is important.
  • Discover some of the benefits of meditation and how they can be used to motivate people to meditate more.
  • Find out why it is important to find the kind of meditation that works for you, or your patient, and how to explore this.
  • Learn what meditation is, and what it isn't!

And more!

Some of the resources mentioned in this audio...

Lauren's website: laurenbarber.co/
Insight Timer: insighttimer.com/
CALM: www.calm.com/
Headspace: www.headspace.com/
David Ji: davidji.com/
Deepak Chopra: chopracentermeditation.com/
10% Happier: www.tenpercent.com/