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Regenerus Labs are the UK distributors for GlutenDetect.

GlutenDetect is a brand new, self- test which can identify whether someone has unknowingly or accidentally consumed gluten. Ideal for your patients suffering from Coeliac Disease, Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity, or requiring a strict gluten free diet for any reason.

In order to ensure a truly gluten free diet is being adhered to, GlutenDetect provides users with a simple at-home solution to maintaining a gluten free diet. This test works just like a pregnancy test and provide customers with instant results.

There are two GlutenDetect tests available. A urine test which detects gluten consumed within 24 hours, and a stool test which detects gluten consumed within 7 days. Both are simple and easy to use at home without needing a health professional’s guidance.

For people who need to ensure they maintain a strict gluten free diet, GlutenDetect gives peace of mind that users are doing all that they can to support their health. Ideal for those who travel a lot, eat out, are unsure about cross contamination, or simply to confirm a gluten free diet is being adhered to.

GlutenDetect is also an invaluable tool for those looking after someone with Coeliac Disease, such as parents and caregivers, as it enables them to be sure that a gluten free way of eating is being implemented, even when they are not in their personal care.

GlutenDetect takes the guesswork out of whether someone has been ‘glutened’ and provides a quick and easy solution for those requiring a truly gluten free diet.


Practitioner discounts are available. Contact us to find out more.



To Eat Gluten, or Not to Eat Gluten? How to Know if a Patient's Diet is Really Gluten Free.
Charlotte Hunter examines the science behind testing your patients for gluten consumption. 



The Problem with Gluten Exposure
Laura Stirling and Mark Bennett have a detailed conversation about the problem with gluten exposure, as well as explaining how practitioners can help ensure their clients remain truly gluten free



Find out more about how Gluten Detect can help you, and order tests directly.

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