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Save on selected Great Plains’ Tests this June and July

From speaking with some of our Ireland-based practitioners, we’re told there is a demand for quality advanced mold and organic acid tests in Ireland.

In light of this, we’re offering attendees great discounts on Great Plains’ OAT, Mold and IgG MAP test from Regenerus Laboratories.

As practitioners buy tests for their clients in two ways from Regenerus, we’ve created offers for each.

For either method, however, all practitioners will make the same saving per test.

The offer:

For practitioners who we invoice at trade price

For every Great Plains’ OAT , Mold or IgG Map test you buy from 10th June’22 to Friday 29th July’22, you will receive an additional 7% discount.

This will be issued to you as a credit note at the end of each month.

For practitioners whose clients and patients pay Regenerus Labs Directly at full retail price: 

For every Great Plains’ OAT , Mild or IgG Map test purchased from the 10th June’22 and reported on by Friday 29th July’22 your commission will increase from 12.5% to 17.5%.

This will be sent to you as an addendum to you standard monthly commission report.

The rules!

To be eligible for the offer, you must:

• be registered as a Regenerus practitioner
• live in Ireland
• have attended the NTOI 2022 event, and submitted your details in the offer form below
• meet the cut off deadlines as listed above.

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