The FIT Test employs unique methods that detect both IgG antibodies and complement antigen together to determine the reactivity of each sample against a wide variety of food antigens. The methods yield more complete profiles of the various foods that may cause food sensitivities.

The FIT  6 Test is a high quality and highly sensitive food sensitivity test which measures Egg White and Yolk, Casein, Milk, Gluten, Wheat with C3 compliment marker.

  • The FIT test developed by Dr. Dorval and offered through KBMO Diagnostics, measures IgG/food immune complex, plus associated split complement protein C3d.
  • The mechanism behind IgG/food immune complex-driven inflammation is centered around the activation of complement (C3d).
  • These components are measured simultaneously with these 6 different foods markers.

Testing for IgG/food immune complexes, along with the specific complement protein (C3d) that induces the inflammatory response, increases the reliability and efficacy of IgG testing considerably. Thesis and research by Dr Brent Dorval.

Food Inflammation Test 6 Gluten & Dairy Panel (IMM10)

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FIT 6 Gluten and Dairy Panel

Laboratory:KBMO Diagnostic
Test Type:Blood (Dried Blood Spot)

Turn Around Time: 14 days.