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Diagnostics on demand.
Providing you with simple, easy access to world-leading laboratories that deliver the broadest range of wellness focussed diagnostic testing services.
For health professionals and patients across the UK and around the world.

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Welcome to Regenerus Laboratories

Leading the way in testing solutions for Ireland and the EU

We are thrilled to announce this significant milestone for the Regenerus community. With the launch of our Ireland Hub, we will now be able to provide our high-quality customer care, clinical support and tests to Europe.
Our streamlined local support, cost-efficient shipping, and rapid results will elevate your testing experience!

View our EU tests

What are the benefits of our new Ireland Hub?

Significant reduction in shipping costs within the EU

With a reduction in shipping costs, testing will now be more accessible to patients so you can offer a robust service.

Quicker turn-a-round on test delivery and return

You can now offer a faster and more streamline service to your clients with shorter delivery times to both clients and labs.

Outstanding customer and practitioner support 

Like always, we will support you in providing the best possible care to your clients, via our customer service and clinical support teams.

Hear from our Head of Business Development, Samuel Hagan, discussing Regenerus' expansion to Europe with the Ireland Hub 

What test range is available? 

Currently, only a limited number of tests will be available through our Ireland Hub. However, this number will be growing shortly, so you can offer a full suite of testing to your clients. See the list below for what tests are available to order in Ireland and the EU.

Breath Trackers
- SIBO Lactulose

Cyrex Laboratories
- Cyrex Blood Serum Kit

Doctors' Data
- Hair Toxic & Essential Elements
- GI360 Complete
- Urine Toxic Metals
- Comprehensive Stool Analysis with PCR+ Parasitology
- Adrenal Function (5)
- Urine Toxic & Essential Elements
- Comp Stool Analysis with PCR
New tests:
- GI360 Essentials
- GI360 Complete + Zonulin + H Pylori
- GI360 Microbiome
- Comprehensive Panel Plus (10 Tests)
- Comprehensive Panel (8 Tests)
- Basic Hormone Panel (5)
- Cortisol Profile with Melatonin Am and PM
- Zonulin - Serum
- Metabolomic Profile Serum
- CardioMetabolic Serum
- Coeliac Profile (Gluten IgG,IgA, Wheat IgE)
- Urine Halides (Pre & Post Loading combo)
- Urine Iodine; Pre & Post Loading combo
- NeuroBasic profile
- Comprehensive Neurotransmitter
- Profile Urine Amino Acids

Mosaic Diagnostics (GPL)
- OAT (Organic Acid Test)
- MycoToxin
- IgG Food Map with Candida + Yeast Dried Blood
- OAT+ Mycotox
- Glyphosate (Add on only to OAT+ Mycotox test)
- MOAT (Microbial Organic Acid Test)

Omnos Labs

Precision Analytical
- Dutch Complete (Adrenal and Sex Hormone)
- Dutch Plus (Comp + CAR)
New tests:
- Dutch Sex Hormone Metabolism

RealTime Laboratories
- Mycotoxin Panel
- Environmental Pollutants Profile (Basic Tox)

New tests:
- MensKey Complete
- WomansKey Complete
- UroKey

Precision Point Diagnostics

New tests:
- Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment

New tests:
- TruAge Complete Collection

To purchase our tests in Europe, you must be registered as a practitioner, then you ca view our product page with the 'shipping to' filter on EU & Ireland. If you already have an account with us, log in and view our tests.


How do I order your tests?

Tests can be ordered via our website by logging in to your practitioner portal, under the 'order tests' tab and ensure the checkbox next to 'shipping to' has EU and Ireland selected.

What is the shipping process, and how long does it typically take to receive my test kit?

Kits are shipped within Ireland using An Post. Kits shipped to the EU are dispatched via DHL and typically arrive within 2-3 working days.

What if I'm interested in a test from your full range that isn't available in this range?

We are still working to add more tests to the current list we offer in Ireland and EU as demand and current logistics allow. Please keep an eye out for announcements when new tests are added.

Do you provide a list of phlebotomists for blood draw in Ireland and EU?

We’re working to build a phlebotomy network within Ireland. Please contact to find out more.

Why are the test prices in GBP and not EURO?

Our website doesn’t currently support multi-currency but this is something we are working to resolve.

I'm a Practitioner in the UK but ordering for a client in the EU

This is still ok as orders work based on the destination country rather than the order in which the country is placed, so long as you've orded a test that is in or Ireland and EU range.

Contact us

For more information on our EU test range, clinical support, practitioner portal support, further business enquiries or anything else, please contact us:
020 3750 0870

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