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Regenerus becomes UK distributor for the TruAge Complete: a new advanced epigenetic test

Regenerus labs is excited to launch the TruAge Complete: a new advanced epigenetic test that provides the most comprehensive, accurate and actionable picture of a patient’s biological age to date (Dec 2022).

In turn, by providing a suite of in-depth and insightful reports about various aspects of the patient’s biological age, it enables practitioners to identify where, why and how to improve their patient’s epigenome and track the performance of their recommended protocol in real-time.

Furthermore, using an at-home finger prick sample collection method, and offering a 2-3 week sample report turnaround time, the TruAge Complete is easy for patients to use, and currently much shorter than competing companies.

An exciting partnership, combining cutting edge lab expertise with reliable UK distribution and education

Regarding launching the TruAge Complete to UK practitioners via Regenerus Labs, Ryan Smith, VP Business Development at TruDiagnostics, said:

"TruDiagnostic is thrilled to work with Regenerus to distribute our testing in the UK. One of the major reasons we chose to collaborate with Regenerus' is their unique focus on healthcare provider education and distribution. We both believe that effective use of these aging biomarkers starts with education.

Additionally, the UK is one of the worldwide leaders in methylation and ageing biomarker research. However, published and 3rd generation ageing clocks such as Dunedin PACE haven't been yet been available commercially. Together, we are looking forward to providing the best in biological age testing to patients in the UK."

The most accurate biological age test currently available

TruAge Complete is currently one of the most detailed and accurate advanced biological age tests on the market because:

  • it measures a huge 870,000 CpGs. The more DNA regions analysed, the more predictive the epigenetic algorithms.
  • the intelligent epigenome algorithms that power it have been proven to outperform all other biological clocks to date
  • TruDiagnostic has one of the largest methylation databases in the world, meaning its algorithms have higher validity than its competitors 

Gain valuable, actionable epigenetic insights about your patient to inform your health interventions - and then see if they work

The TruAge Complete’s extensive epigenetic age reports provide a comprehensive picture of biological ageing and health insights. This enables practitioners to identify where and why to intervene with their patients' epigenomic behaviour, as well as track their performance.

Included in the sample report are:

  • Epigenetic Biological Age – your whole-body summary
  • Telomere Length – ageing based on cellular replication
  • Dunedin PACE – a speedometer for your current rate of ageing
  • Extrinsic Epigenetic Age – immune system impact of age
  • Intrinsic Epigenetic Age – ageing independent of immune system
  • Immune cell-type ratios and CD4:CD8 ratio
  • Weight Loss Response to Caloric Restriction

Designed by TruDiagnostics, a US-based CLIA-certified lab specialising in epigenetic testing

The TruAge Complete is created by TruDiagnostic, a CLIA-certified laboratory based in the US. Their mission is to help people understand, access, and benefit from their epigenome - chemical compounds that determine where and when genes are needed by switching them on or off.

TruDiagnostics do this by developing epigenetic analysis methods in an effort to create new methylation-based medical diagnostic tools.

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