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An interview with Paula Jones, a Regenerus Clinical Support Specialist

At Regenerus Labs, enabling practitioners to have access to the world's most advanced health tests has always been our core mission. And from the start, a key way we wanted to deliver this is to provide excellent clinical support. Advanced health tests are complex, and we recognise that selecting the most appropriate test and understanding their results can be a barrier for the busy practicing clinician.

In light of this, we set up our Clinical Support Service; offering free selection and intrepretation advice to our registered practitioners.

In this article, we interview Paula Jones, one of our Clinical Support Team, to help show what she does in her role, how she works to ensure she keeps at the very forefront of advanced health testing, and how this adds value to our practitioners.

What is your role in the Clinical Support Team at Regenerus Labs?

The Clinical Support Team provide a non-judgemental environment for practitioners learning primarily via email and Zoom. We help them to identify the best test options alongside providing a test interpretation service 5 days a week. We also write and present clinically robust educational material including webinars, conference attendance, website content and industry expert interviews.

Name an instance where you feel that you really provided value to a practitioner in this role. Why?

I feel we do this with all support calls and enquiries, so its impossible to isolate a single instance! When a practitioner is uncertain about test results, confusion can create worry, leading to loss of clarity. We provide clear interpretation of test results, by listening, discussing client symptoms and looking closely at markers and analytes. I must say its an absolute pleasure working with all our practitioners, as I find they are always a delight to speak to and work with. What is the most common query practitioners ask you? Two questions: "what does this mean and what should I do about it?"!

What made you want to be a Clinical Support Specialist?

I’m passionate about education and sharing knowledge. Even better whilst developing my own. Win win!

What’s the most enjoyable or satisfying part of being a clinical support specialist?

I enjoy the education aspect of the role. Helping practitioners make appropriate test choices and interpret test results allows for targeted clinical decision making. Ultimately leading to better client progress. How does your career background make you suited to being a clinical support specialist? Years of clinical experience, dealing with clinically complex clients and regularly using, interpreting and applying advanced health tests. I also have a teaching background with experience in student tutoring, student clinical support, mentoring and education.

What area/s of advanced health testing are you particularly interested and skilled in and why?

I'm particularly interested in SIBO, OAT, DUTCH and Mycotoxin testing. As a practitioner, I specialise in gastric health and hormonal concerns. How do you ensure that you keep up-to-date with the latest in diagnostic testing? Working in practice means laboratory test updates are shared regularly. CPD attendance also facilitates up to date test knowledge. Team exchange at Regenerus allows for test discussion and evaluation.

Does your career as a practicing nutritional therapist help inform your role as a clinical support specialist? If so, how?

Yes, working in clinical practice helps my role. It means I keep up to date with the latest clinical education and research, including CPDs. Through it, its helped, develop strong clinical communication skills, an understanding of pathology and diagnosis, and on a weekly basis work with test results to guide effective client programmes.

How long have you been working in the clinical support team, and what have your learnt as you’ve been in this role?

14 months. My learning is a long list and continues! Each day I learn something new, whether it be about when to use a test, test results, test prep or even ordering. The list goes on!

Access our Clinical Support Service

Access our Clinical Support Service

Please note, to take advantage of our Clinical Support Service, you must be a registered practitioner with Regenerus Labs.

Learn more about Paula Jones, Dip BCNH MBANT CNHC

Paula Jones, Dip BCNH MBANT CNHC, is a Clinical Support Specialist at Regenerus Labs and Founder of Paula Jones Nutrition.

To learn more about Paula Jones, visit her website.