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Regenerus Labs to sponsor Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine Live

Regenerus Labs are delighted to announce that we are sponsors of the upcoming lifestyle medicine conference, Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine Live: Sleep and the Rhythm of Life.

Led by Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Dr Ayan Panja, The Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine Live 2022 will deliver an exciting day of education, panel discussions and a chance to come together, talk about different approaches to treating sleep and get inspired about implementing the lifestyle prescription in real life.

Focusing on one of the ‘four pillars’ of lifestyle medicine, sleep, the event welcomes a range of experts to deliver their experiences and strategies on this vitally important part of Lifestyle Change.

Speakers include Professor Russell Foster, Stephanie Romiszewski, Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Dr Ayan Panja, Dr Mohan Sekeram, Dr Rupa Joshi and many more.

Regenerus will be on-hand to provide help and advice on all things advanced functional testing

At the event, we’ll be on-hand to provide advice to attendees support regarding accessing, using and interpreting advanced health tests. If you are attendee, please do feel free to come over for a chat!

A conference organised by two dynamic clinical education organisations

Led by Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Dr Ayan Panja, This event is organised by Practice Unbound and Clinical Education, two dynamic clinical learning organisations. Practice Unbound is a service and innovation arm of the award winning Here, a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Brighton. They make learning programmes that allow NHS practices to free up much needed GP time. And when you commission services through Practice Unbound, we reinvest in Primary Care development.

Clinical Education is a non-profit organisation that brings a range of educational experiences to their healthcare professional members. Their aim is to change the landscape of healthcare in the UK, EU and beyond by teaching functional and lifestyle Medicine principles via their blogs, courses and resources. Clinical Education is proud to be an Education Partner of The Institute for Functional Medicine, by assisting with the organisation and regional expertise of IFM educational events streamed or in-person in the UK/EU, Asia and Africa.

Learn more about the PLM

The Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine Live: Sleep and the Rhythm of Life takes place on 26th November at County Hall, Westminster London

To register to attend the event, click here.