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Watch the webinar: How to identify and assess leaky gut with the Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment

Learn the science behind leaky gut, and how to accurately and effectively test for it, with this masterclass from Dr Cheryl Burdette.

Lesson aim

In this webinar, Dr Burdette will discuss common causes of gut lining damage, intestinal permeability (IP) development and how the gut is our window to illness prevention and remission.

By addressing the triggers of histamine, LPS and food sensitivities, as well as the body’s ability to handle the assault, through enzymes such as DAO, we can halt inflammation, reverse IP and truly practice healthcare.

Learning objectives

  • To review the literature and data around direct markers of leaky gut and understand what clinical conditions are most relevant in terms of assessment.

  • To look at and define the role of gut-based inflammation in pathologies that extend beyond the gut such as auto-immunity and mental emotional disorders.

  • To understand the benefits of using the Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment to identify and assess leaky gut in patients.
  • To examine effective gut-based interventions.

About the speaker, Cheryl Burdette, N.D.

Cheryl Burdette, N.D. is the Director of Education and the Naturopathic Residency program at Progressive Medical. She directs an accredited Naturopathic residency program that is focused on Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Biochemistry. She is the founder and Educational Director of a functional laboratory, Dunwoody Labs, for which she designs clinical profiles and trains clinicians with utilization. She is the Research and Outreach director for Xymogen, an Inc.500 supplement company, and serves on their BOA.

She also serves on an independent IRB giving feedback concerning various studies in integrated medicine. In turn, Cheryl wrote and designed the curriculum for Advanced Medicine’s Academy online certification program in Integrative Medicine. She has taught at the University of Bridgeport and is part of the faculty at the University of Miami, the first allopathic school to require Integrative Medicine training for MDs. She is also adjunct faculty at George Washington University, offering an MS in Integrative Medicine. She has synthesized her extensive background in teaching into an online classroom, Dr. Burdette’s Compendium, that provides extensive recordings and protocols in Integrative Medicine.

Watch the webinar: How to identify and assess leaky gut with the Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment

You can now watch it on demand in our Learning Hub.

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