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Diagnostics on demand.
Providing you with simple, easy access to world-leading laboratories that deliver the broadest range of wellness focussed diagnostic testing services.
For health professionals and patients across the UK and around the world.

Practitioner Testimonial: Nicola Shubrook

I just wanted to give you some positive feedback on one of your practitioners, Paula Jones. I have had a few calls with Paula recently to go through some DUTCH test results and Paula has been brilliant.

She has helped me think about the wider picture with my clients, understand what else may be going on or areas I need to look at, together with some great ideas about diet and lifestyle factors to consider.

I am always happy when I see Paula is on my support call and she would be my go-to practitioner for future report interpretations!


Nicola Shubrook, BANT CNM IFM

Nicola Shubrook is a qualified nutritionist registered with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), with over 10 years experience having graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in 2009.

Nicola is also a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and has completed her training with the National Centre for Eating Disorders. As well as running her own private clinic, Urban Wellness, Nicola also writes health articles for leading publishers, including BBC GoodFood, Red, and Women’s Fitness.

To learn more about Nicola Shubrook, visit her website: https://urbanwellness.co.uk/